You might be looking for some treasure we may happen to have. Whether in our retail store in Petaluma or in our Barn in Sonoma where most of our inventory of antiques and artefacts can be found. We are also available to meet with you to find out about your needs in terms of the decor of your home or garden. Once we agree on a plan, we can manage all the logistics and oversee the full execution of your project. That's why we invite you to Carpe Diem with us. 

"Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise."  Horatius, Poet, 65-8 BC 

Contact:  415.531.1700 

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Please note we offer services for local deliveries and shipping to others states including heavy items like tables or sculptures.  

< When you visit us, we'll take you to see our iconic "Tower" set in a Park setting by a pond and a pool. Both upstairs and downstairs showcases the Horatius style of decor.  

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