Finds for unique lifestyles 

It is quite possible what you are looking for might not be immediately available. But waiting for the right treasure to come by is perhaps the most rewarding gift you can give ourselves. Our journey together begins with a simple talk followed by a plan of action. 

Horatius, named after the Roman poet who gifted the world the phrase Carpe Diem,

stands for enjoying life each day. A part of that enjoyment are the unique surroundings that we create for ourselves. Not everyone has to have a beautiful space to feel happy. Yet surroundings with rare treasures such as antiques, artefacts or modern handmade crafts make gatherings with loved ones much more meaningful and memorable. At Horatius we believe our homes and gardens should be places of inspiration from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until the sun goes down.  

When you finally find the treasure you were looking for just remember these wise words:

... time is fleeting... so seize the day!

Horatius, Odes 1.11

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